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6 Key Benefits Of Meditation For The Mind.

  From the Latin word for “to think or ponder,” meditation has been a practice developed by a multitude of people and cultures. This state of mindfulness does not belong to one particular religion or civilization; rather it is and has been exercised, in some form or another by almost everyone. From Buddhist monks, to […]

How Your Thoughts Shape Your Brain

  Your brain processes about 70,000 thoughts each and every day. Psychology Today reports that 70% of the estimated 70,000 thoughts people have each day are negative. Your body physically reacts to your thoughts every minute of the day. Just a thought can trigger the release of neurotransmitters in your brain, sending chemical messengers to […]

Sauna Therapy May Reduce Risks For Dementia.

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland carried out a study, (Sauna bathing is inversely associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in middle-aged Finnish men; Tanjaniina Laukkanen, et al) the first of its kind, on the links between dementia and sauna therapy. They found that the frequent exposure to heat from a sauna may just […]