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Acupuncture For Depression And Anxiety.

Acupuncture is the practice of using thin, sterile needles inserted in various parts of the body that correspond to specific acupoints on the body. While acupuncture has been found to be effective in the reduction of symptoms related to physical diseases, could it also be beneficial in mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression? Acupuncture […]

Balance Sleep Disturbances and Insomnia with Alternative Medicine.

  Complementary and alternative medicine, also known as CAM, is only growing in popularity. With the demands of modern society’s immediacy and quickened pacing, the sleep and overall wellbeing of many individuals fall to the wayside. t’s gone so far that the trend of microdosing (taking a smaller dosage) psilocybin weekly propelled itself outside of […]

Soothing Common Illnesses And Symptoms With Ayurvedic Rituals.

Soothing Common Illnesses & Symptoms with Ayurvedic Rituals Ayurveda, often called the “sister science” to the entire Yogic system, finds its roots in ancient India. But, its methods and specificity to an individual’s unique makeup, lifestyle, and needs has allowed it to remain relevant and accessible in modern times. The entire system of Ayurveda can […]

Explore Kava: Ancient Plant Medicine

  Kava Kava, often known only as ‘Kava,’ flourished in popularity over the last couple of decades. Native to the Pacific Islands, Kava root has been used in ceremonies in indigenous cultures. Nowadays, Kava bars have begun popping up on the mainland, and people love the kava elixir’s effects. What is kava? To prepare kava, […]

Origin And Practice Of Sound Therapy.

Energetics of Sound Therapy. Sound therapy, or sound healing, flew into the ‘new age’ healing scene in recent years, but its roots are ancient. Falling within the realm of ‘vibrational medicine,’ sound therapy focuses on musical notes, voices, singing bowls, and the like to create specific vibrations that heal an individual on a cellular level. […]

Seed Cycling For Women.

Seed Cycling. How to Balance Hormones & Your Menstrual Cycle Through Mindful Nourishment. Seed cycling recently burst onto the virtual wellness scene thanks to its real-life popularity and benefits. The idea is that by eating certain seeds at specific points during an individual’s menstrual cycle, and beyond, hormones steady, fertility increases, and ease symptoms of […]

Alternative Medicine And Premenstrual Syndrome

Alternative Medicine and Premenstrual Syndrome The idea of premenstrual syndrome PMS is sometimes controversial but in the last decade it has become a more accepted diagnosis and researchers have recognized over 150 different signs and symptoms of PMS. Doctors have found it difficult to diagnose women with PMS because there are so many different symptoms […]