Cosmetic Surgical Procedures That Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Plastic Surgery for Wrinkles Usually surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation are performed on people who are forty or older. However, sometimes plastic surgery is done on people who have inherited facial traits that such surgery can alleviate. There are many facial rejuvenation surgeries that can be performed and each addresses a specific problem. *The Face […]

A Practical Guide To Electrosurgical Skin Resurfacing

Electrosurgical Skin Resurfacing Its just too bad that Pone de Leon didnt find that fountain of youth that he spent so many years looking for. Just think! We could all just go to the grocery store and buy a little bottle of water that would make us look young forever! Maybe someday somebody will find […]

Skin Laser Treatments For Wrinkles

Laser Treatments for Wrinkles Wrinkles actually come in three distinct varieties…… dynamic wrinkles, fine wrinkles, and skin fold wrinkles. Very briefly: *Dynamic wrinkles are what we call smile lines, frown lines, crows feet, etc. *Fine lines are those little lines that you see on your cheeks mostly. There is no discernable fold in the skin. […]