High Calorie Mass Gainer – 4Kg Advanced High Calorie Protein Shake with Glutamine – Muscle Building and Weight Gain – 517Kcal – 85g Carbs – 34g High Protein – 7g Fibre- 28 Servings(140g Per Serving)


High Calorie Mass Gainer By JeaKen

Are You Looking To Gain Weight And Build Muscles?

Then look no further – High Calorie Mass Gainer shake by JeaKen is perfect for you!

Why Buy High Calorie Mass Gainer By JeaKen ?

JeaKen’s mass gainer is made to enjoy. You want a protein shake packed with the right nutrition and active ingredients you need to put on weight, but you want it to taste great too. With us – you don’t need to compromise!

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